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What is vaginismus?

Vagina's muscles may produce uncontrolled contraction and as a result prevent penetration of the penis into the vagina. This process is called vaginismus. This contraction is not possible to be controlled, a woman has a muscle spasm. Such muscle tension may occur during sexual intercourse, putting inside a tampon or a vaginal examination by a doctor. What happens in fact – this is a body’s attempt to avoid pain. This is a self-defense behavior when body tries to protect himself from supposed physical or mental harm which can be caused by vaginal penetration. The muscles around the vagina contract strongly to protect the vagina with a reflex similar to when we raise our hand to protect us from being hit. This is also called a vaginal spasm.

Along with vaginal spasms, panic attacks can also occur, such as whole-body contraction, leg compression, inability to open the legs, or pushing by a partner or doctor who is performing a vaginal examination.

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  • E.C. 11.06.2019
    We met Yuliya because of vaginismus problem. After long research we decided with my wife to visit Yuliya. She had positive smiling face all sessions. Thanks to her honesty and confidence, we started treatment. Our healing was successful. 3 years of nightmare finished. It took only 6 sessions to gain positive result. Thank you for big physiological help.
    E.C. 11.06.2019
  • C.G. 06.08.2019
    I am married 2 years. We had problems with relationships from the very first day of marriage. When I researched on the Internet I saw comments about Mrs. Yuliya. I have found out that there a lot of people with the same problem in vagina. We came to first meeting with doctor. There was confirmation of vaginismus and we started treatment. Of course there was fear. However, the more success with exercises I had the more faith I received. 2 year’s nightmare finished with only 6 sessions. Now we are happy. The most correct address for vaginismus treatment – Yuliya Doster. I encourage those who are afraid of vaginismus and hesitate to treat this desease. Don’t be afraid, don’t postpone your relationships. Yuliya, million thanks for your patience and efforts. We love you.
    C.G. 06.08.2019
  • G.D. 22.10.2019
    Hello! I am married 3 months. We didn’t have relationships since me and my wife got married. I started to search on the Internet and saw information about vaginismus. I asked myself is iy possible that I have it. After that I researched the doctors and saw Mrs. Yuliya’s reviews. I called and signed up for the appointment. During first check up I learned that I have vaginismus. Doctor told me that I shouldn’t be scared of that, she emphasised that it will be gone. We solved this problem through 6 sessions just listening to doctor and practicing what she says. She was very friendly and honest, not like doctor but like an elder sister. If you ever face this problem, there is only one address – Yuliya Doster.
    G.D. 22.10.2019
  • Ö.Z 14.11.2019
    Hello. I was married 1,5 years and have found out that I have vaginismus. I started searching for a doctor and received recommendation to visit Yuliya. During the first appointment I realized that I will never regret it. After 2 sessions we started practicing exercises. Exercises have no harm and are not scary, you should just listen and practice. My treatment took 6 sessions however after 4th session my problem already was solved. I want to thank Yuliya and her nurses. Dear ladies, please don’t forget how important the choice of a doctor is. Yuliya is a very successful doctor in vaginismus treatment. Thank you for everything...
    Ö.Z 14.11.2019
  • H... 15,01,2020
    I have been married 4 months but we couldn’t have sex since we got married. I started to search about it on the Internet. All this time my wife was supporting me. We have found out that this disease is called vaginismus. I have found Yuliya’s profile and read reviews about her work. I decided to come to the appointment. Yuliya met us with a smiling face and she was very honest. She made good impression and we decided to take treatment from her. We started to do progress, 70% of healing happened on 4th appointment. After 6th appointment the disease was healed completely for 100%. It happened earlier than I expected. We had won vaginismus with proper treatment and faith. Thank you Yuliya and nurses!
    H... 15,01,2020

How I can understand that I have vaginismus?

The diagnosis of vaginismus is made by a gynecologist based on the results of a pelvic examination. First, doctor interviews the patient about symptoms and sensations, and then conducts a gynecological examination. A gynecological examinationwilldetermine whether we are dealing with vaginismus or another condition that prevents sexual intercourse. These conditions can be congenital or subsequent structural disorders of the external sexual organ called the vulva, a special structure of the hymen, various diseases and inflammations of the uterus and ovaries.

Why do I have vaginismus?

Woman’s reflex of self-preservation settles in the unconscious. Huge fear of the first night and sexual myths that are formed in her mind with misinformation about sexuality and hymen are one of the most common causes. Woman believes that on the first night she will suffer from pain, the hymen forms a wall at the entrance to the vagina, and with the ‘explosion, rupture’ of this membrane, there will be excessive bleeding, the pain will burn excessively. A woman who is waiting for fear and pain fails in her first sexual experience and avoids sexual intercourse, experiencing an involuntary contraction of the penis in each subsequent attempt to enter the vagina. Very often woman says: ‘I feel like there is a wall, I try, but I’m have a lot of pain and I fail.’ The suppression of women’s sexual identity in protected societies, ‘banning’ sexuality of women, and the perception of sexuality in general as ‘bad‘, ‘shameful’ can lead women to living in denial of their own sexual identity, their femininity. The only condition for being a ‘good girl’ and being accepted and loved is that there is no sexual identity. Woman rejects sexual identity when she gets married.

Can vaginismus heal by itself? How will my life be affected if I don’t get treatment?

Woman cannot control the muscle spasm and avoid movement experienced in vaginismus. It’s very difficult to deal with this unconscious situation without professional help. Usually couples say, ‘if it’s not today, it’s tomorrow…’ and delay the solution for a while. They cannot share their problems with their close people, and they live in despair. Premature ejaculation is also a common problem in men and women. The couple is surrounded by questions ‘Why don’t you want to have children? Can’t you have children?’, their relationships become a stalemate. The bond between men and women is weakened which might lead to separation.

What should I do for treatment?

Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction. Nowadays sexual therapy is considered to be the most successful method of treating vaginismus and other sexual disorders. After vaginismus is diagnosed, the source of the problem is investigated doctor determines special treatment approach and therapy for the couple. Both woman and man are free from false information and expectations, only true information must be provided. The characteristics and differences of male and female sexuality are discussed and behavioural assignments are given. Doctor applies almost a ‘reconstruction’ of the couple’s sexual relationship and sexuality, as a result the unconscious conditioning that causes vaginismus is eliminated. At the same time, if needed, help can be obtained from a psychologist for family therapy or individual therapy.