How to prepare for session | Op. Dr. Yuliya Doster - Gynecology Specialist

How to prepare for session

How to prepare for session

In order to feel more comfortable during the session we give you several tips.

1-Please prepare information:
– time of last menstruation
– length of your cycle
-time of the beginning of the first period and sexual life
-gynecological diagnoses that you have ever recieved
– current allergies

2- For a routine check-upchoose the first days after the end of menstruation. During this period the woman’s immunity is reduced and hidden infections can be identified.

3- Before entering the cabinet it is necessary to empty the bladder and intestines. This will help you conduct a more comfortable gynaecological examination. Exception is only passing some tests – in this case the doctor will warn you in advance.

4-An intimate hairstyle does not affect the analysis. However, doctors recommend keeping your hair short or your skin smooth to maintain freshness and hygiene.

5-In case you plan to do surgical operation you will need to come for examination first. Doctor needs to do check up and only after that we can discuss proper operation and conditions.

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