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Anti Aging Gynecology

Anti-age gynaecology

Anti-age gynaecologyor rejuvenation of the genital organs is a method of gynaecology which makes woman body stay younger.

Now with the help of modern technologies we are able to prolong youth through anti-age and correctional procedures, gynaecological aesthetic operations.

Please read below what types of anti-age operations we do and why they are so popular.

  • K. 26.12.2019
    I met Doctor Yuliya Doster 3 years ago. This year I decided to tell her about my problems with genital organs. She kindly gave me all details and we did combined operation: vaginoplasty, perineoplasty and surgical treatment of urinary incontinence. I am very happy with my results. And I am very grateful to Yuliya for her efforts and high involvement. I recommend Yuliya to those who are searching for a doctor to solve such problems.
    K. 26.12.2019
  • T.U. 04.09.2019
    Every appoitment with Yuliya goes very well. Before my pregnancy Yuliya was doing analysis and helped us with planning. Now we are monitoring pregnancy. I feel very safe. She is checking even smallest details. Her experience, smiling face, recommendations… This all helps me to feel very lucky…
    T.U. 04.09.2019
  • N.Ş. 17.04.2020
    First of all Yuliya is a wonderful person. I was planning to do labioplasty operation for a long time. I was researching doctors. When I came to check up to Yuliya’s clinic 2 smiling faces met me – Yuliya and her assistant. We set the date of operation. Now, 2 months after the the operation, I am happy with the result. Thanks a lot for saving my problem, I almost lost my hope. I would like to recommend Yuliya to everyone who wants to do this operation. It is great that we have her, I wish the doctor further success.
    N.Ş. 17.04.2020
  • B.Y. 29.04.2020
    I was researching on the Internet for a long time. I have found out that Yuliya is the best equipped and the most experienced doctor. I took my first appointment and realized that I was right. I saw professionalism of Yuliya and her nurse who also was caring me the same as Yuliya. I was given all information about what can happen. I was very glad to know that everything was performed even better. I had several operations at the same time. She cared about me a lot before the operation and also after it. If you have any problems with vagina tightening the first doctor to contact must be Yuliya Doster. She has big experience and you can be sure that you will receive the best operation and treatment.
    B.Y. 29.04.2020
  • S.R. 06.03.2020
    I was doing research because of my weak vaginal muscle and came across Yuliya. This problem bothered me (us) for a long time. I have chosen Yuliya’s clinic because it was the closest location for me and she has special education in this field. She did examination and gave me comments on my state. She explained me that this problem can be not only because of giving natural birth but also due to genetic features and individual pregnancy changes. The operation was taken last week and was much more easy than I expected. I can say that after 3 days I recovered completely. I came from another town and spent night in Bursa. One week after I was already using public transport. I am very grateful to Yuliya for being honest, giving all information. Thank you for help in every question. My advice to women who have the same problem – this problem lives only in your head, don’t hesitate to do examination and learn about your state.
    S.R. 06.03.2020
  • H... 15,01,2020
    I have been married 4 months but we couldn’t have sex since we got married. I started to search about it on the Internet. All this time my wife was supporting me. We have found out that this disease is called vaginismus. I have found Yuliya’s profile and read reviews about her work. I decided to come to the appointment. Yuliya met us with a smiling face and she was very honest. She made good impression and we decided to take treatment from her. We started to do progress, 70% of healing happened on 4th appointment. After 6th appointment the disease was healed completely for 100%. It happened earlier than I expected. We had won vaginismus with proper treatment and faith. Thank you Yuliya and nurses!
    H... 15,01,2020
  • Ö.Z 14.11.2019
    Hello. I was married 1,5 years and have found out that I have vaginismus. I started searching for a doctor and received recommendation to visit Yuliya. During the first appointment I realized that I will never regret it. After 2 sessions we started practicing exercises. Exercises have no harm and are not scary, you should just listen and practice. My treatment took 6 sessions however after 4th session my problem already was solved. I want to thank Yuliya and her nurses. Dear ladies, please don’t forget how important the choice of a doctor is. Yuliya is a very successful doctor in vaginismus treatment. Thank you for everything...
    Ö.Z 14.11.2019
  • G.D. 22.10.2019
    Hello! I am married 3 months. We didn’t have relationships since me and my wife got married. I started to search on the Internet and saw information about vaginismus. I asked myself is iy possible that I have it. After that I researched the doctors and saw Mrs. Yuliya’s reviews. I called and signed up for the appointment. During first check up I learned that I have vaginismus. Doctor told me that I shouldn’t be scared of that, she emphasised that it will be gone. We solved this problem through 6 sessions just listening to doctor and practicing what she says. She was very friendly and honest, not like doctor but like an elder sister. If you ever face this problem, there is only one address – Yuliya Doster.
    G.D. 22.10.2019
  • C.G. 06.08.2019
    I am married 2 years. We had problems with relationships from the very first day of marriage. When I researched on the Internet I saw comments about Mrs. Yuliya. I have found out that there a lot of people with the same problem in vagina. We came to first meeting with doctor. There was confirmation of vaginismus and we started treatment. Of course there was fear. However, the more success with exercises I had the more faith I received. 2 year’s nightmare finished with only 6 sessions. Now we are happy. The most correct address for vaginismus treatment – Yuliya Doster. I encourage those who are afraid of vaginismus and hesitate to treat this desease. Don’t be afraid, don’t postpone your relationships. Yuliya, million thanks for your patience and efforts. We love you.
    C.G. 06.08.2019
  • E.C. 11.06.2019
    We met Yuliya because of vaginismus problem. After long research we decided with my wife to visit Yuliya. She had positive smiling face all sessions. Thanks to her honesty and confidence, we started treatment. Our healing was successful. 3 years of nightmare finished. It took only 6 sessions to gain positive result. Thank you for big physiological help.
    E.C. 11.06.2019

Life is changing very fast. Generation X (those who were born 1965-1979) and Generation Y (1980-1999) are one of the happiest people in our history. You know why? These generations are witnessing the fastest changing of life standards.

Look at life standards of woman in the age of 20 – 54. We see evidence of fast development of science and medicine and extending a woman’s childbearing age. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) analysis every fifth person living in 2050 will be older than 60 years. Following this modernisation, the term of ‘youth’ is also changing. It became our huge need to stay healthy, active, physically and mentally young for a longer period.

This need has led us to appearance of anti-age area of medicine. Anti-age medicine is aimed at: – Prolong and correction of healthy state,
– Positive changes in appearance.
– In general, anti-age way of life started to exist.

Nowadays woman stays active and cares about her appearance much longer. This is fact and we see proofs in every day life.

Cosmetic and reconstructive gynaecology = anti-age gynaecology

The age of creating family and giving birth to a child is moving from 20s to 30s and more. Women focus on self-realisation in education, career and professional skills.’Golden age’ moved closer to the period of 40s. Woman are choosing financial and social freedom more and more often.

These women and more energetic and independent. They combine 3 types of activities: family, social and professional areas. However biological aging and menopause reach modern woman at her 40s-50s. It becomes problem which is incompatible with the lifestyle they’ve got used to.

These are the reasons why cosmetic and reconstructive anti-age gynaecology is now obligatory for making all negative aging consequences minimal. Woman feels young and wants her body to stay young longer. What might be more natural than this?

What happens during menopause?

At the age of around 40 hormone level of estrogen starts falling, regular work of women body starts to damage. The absence of estrogen leads to a violation of the elasticity of the skin and genitals, an increase in cardiovascular diseases, weakening of bone tissue, memory disorders. In the genital area, thinning and dry skin begins, deformity and sagging tissues, and the risk of pain during sexual intercourse increases.

Whet can occur after loosing the elasticity of the vaginal tissue: – various deformities and sagging,
– urinary incontinence,
– loss of sensation during sexual intercourse,
– ack of sexual desire.

Different women have different period of start and speed of these body changings. It depends on genetic characteristics, age of menopause, and general health. Adverse changes, especially early menopause, can progress faster than in other women.

Which operations anti-age gynaecology provides?

– Genital aesthetics
– Labioplasty
– Clitoroplasty
– Perineoplasty
– Vaginoplasty
– Laser rejuvenation of the vagina and vulva